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Working with animals is one of the toughest challenges of photography and getting the animal to do exactly what you want, is almost impossible. At the end of the day, lots of patients and improvisation is key. We acquired the services of the famous Spanish designer Carlos Haro, and chose two wedding dresses from his beautiful collection, which suited our organic equestrian scene, spectacular and exquisite in all his creations. La Trastienda Floristería designed a bouquet, headdress and garland for one of the dresses, and as you can see the coordination between

the dress and the flowers is fabulous.

The chosen models Manouk and Jens, as professional as always. And a great team of professionals from the world of image, Laura, Sandra and Elisabeth, the three key points in preparing a bride (makeup, hairdressing and nails). And lastly a special thank you to the owners of the beautiful horse’s who also helped

with reflectors and coordination.

Do you want to see what's behind the wonderful photographs we always see in

magazines and web pages ?.

look no further than the making of...

Project: SpanishWeddings.Co

Haute Couture Designer: Carlos Haro

Film-maker: John 

Photography: Mónica 

Flowers: La Trastienda Floristería  

bouquet, crown and wreath

 Female Model: Manouk Van Den Berg

Male Model : Jens MH

Make-up: Laura Losa

Hair: Sandra Jimenez (Aktual)

Nails: Elisabeth Garrido (Aktual)

Horses: Seni Luis V (Chesnut) & Silver Spirit (Black)

Owners: Sebastià Servera, Tamara Steiner

Paddock: Caudra Hípica Vergel

Club: Club Hípico Ecumar

Music: CDK Sunday CCMixer

Behind the scenes footage from the photography shoot for the upcoming Spanishweddings.Co. Project,

which is being launched in 2019.

David our film-maker kindly captured the process that the clients of SW will take, initially introducing them to the fabulous venues/facilities here in Alicante.

Here we see our SW representative and wedding planner Paulina showing the facilities of the premier hotel Melia from initial consultation with Maria the events coordinator, through to their Wedding day celebrations. We would like to thank all that participated in this project. Whose professionalism and dedication to detail has been second to none, our two fabulous models Oana Adina and Alberto Sirvent who delivered oscar winning performances, and of course our dear friend Oliva-Anna Beekman, our make-up artist and hair stylist and coordinator to boot !. All of which would not have been possible without the hospitality and facilities of Melia hotel Alicante which kindly provided the team with a Vip suite and beverages for the duration. And of course the stage would not have been complete without the most beautiful wedding dress and grooms attire from Sedka Novias in Petrel (Alicante). Flowers bouquet from El taller de la flor and all jewellery from

Taller de joyería Elypsi.


Project: SpanishWeddings.Co

Film-maker: David

Photographers: John & Mónica 

Muah: Olivia-Anna Beekman (Art from the heart)

Female model: Oana Adina

Male model: Alberto Sirvent

Wedding dress & suit: Sedka Novias/Novios Bride bouquet: El Taller de la Flor

Wedding rings: Taller de Joyería Elypsi

Wedding Planner: Paulina

Venue: Hotel Melià Alicante

Music: Coastline, Hollow Coves, Wanderlust.

The short film, by film-maker David presents at work for there latest additional material for the Spanishwedding.Co project which is being launched in 2019.

With a very late start, and shooting every scene in record time, we cannot thank the models

Manouk Van den Berg and Nicholas Mateos Garrido enough for their professionalism, and of course, the amazing stylist and make up artist Olivia-Anna Beekman who was relentless in her attention to detail. And a very special thanks to our friend David for capturing us all in our best light.

Thank you also to the infamous pigeon who managed to steal the show at the Castle ;-)


Filmmaker: David

Photography: John & Mónica 

Make-up & Hair: Olivia-Anna Beekman

(Art From the Heart)

Models: Manouk Ven Den Berg & Nicolás Mateos Garrido Nails: Lissy Marrie Sap

Shawl: Esther Perez (Vitorio & Luccino)

Dress: Aguamarina San Juan Alicante

Venue: Santa Barbara Castle Alicante

Venue: Explanada Promenade Alicante

Venue: Port of Alicante


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