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Our philosophy at believes it takes 3 steps to compile the

very best Wedding exposition, a seamless blend of cinematic and 

pictorial delicacy's sets our work apart from our competition.

Weddings are our speciality,

we are number one in securing these special moments,

to bring you an unparalleled beautiful resume,

along with high definition film which will stand the test of time.

We offer the same service for all our clients, but all are completely bespoke,

which makes our work completely unique.

Our pedigree comes from years of experience in weddings from working with our

sister company Spanishweddings.Co.

You can be assured of the very best hand picked professionals for your union.


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Pre Wedding


is a photoshoot that is carried out in the times preceding the day

of the wedding. It is a great opportunity for the couple to get to know the photographer's and the filmmaker, and all of their equipment, and practices. 

A creative session that the couple can decide to enjoy in a spectacular place that will inspire and induce natural chemistry between all parties, based more on the character and personality of the couple, without neglecting the fun. It's a very dynamic service that does not include poses, but shots in suggestive locations,

all with a strong emotional impact. 

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To capture the essence of the day, it is advisable to include every detail.

It starts with the little things, like the Boutonnière, Makeup and hair, the nails,

the dressing up and the jewellery presentation.

The moments caught from a simple look or a hug are gifts.

The emotions accompany you throughout the whole day,

from the religious or civil ceremony to the cocktail, meal and then the party. 

Always surrounded by a discreet atmosphere which captures unique and unrepeatable moments.

Our goal is to tell the story of the wedding day without interfering with the actual course of events. Here comes our style, a mix between reportage and pose, which we love to call "emotional sculpture". We love telling stories through our lenses, and this is the reason why in all our weddings it describes a love story in a

personal and unique way, letting events flow naturally.

We also love taking care of every detail, leaving ample space for the

story to unfold and fulfilling all of your wishes.

  Post Wedding 


Is a photoshoot which is made after the wedding, in which the newlyweds will be immortalised once more in a spectacular setting: beach, mountain or in any other suggestive place that comes to mind. An opportunity for the newlyweds to adorn their outfits once more, but this time without the adrenaline of the big day.  This is to enable shots "outside the box".

During the wedding day, time will be spent on the photos of the "newlyweds",

but is usually never quite enough to get the alternative cinematic contrasting shots, 

this dynamic service differentiates us from our competition which elevates 

our presentation to a class of its own.

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